A package to perform execution of graphql for sync modules.

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  import aerogearDataSyncGqlCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aerogear/data-sync-gql-core';


AeroGear Sync Core Execution Framework

This is the core module for data sync which produces an executable schema from data models.


  • Provides access to the models required for Data Sync
  • Provides any module with an executable schema
  • Connect to active datasources


Currently, Data sync uses this module in the following way:

It requires the module, along with makeExecutableSchema from graphql-tools (required as graphql needs each module to only rely on its own tooling):

const { Core } = require('@aerogear/data-sync-gql-core')
const { makeExecutableSchema } = require('graphql-tools')

It initialises the Core class with the config and the makeExecutableSchema object:s

const core = new Core(myConfig, makeExecutableSchema)

Uses the core to obtain the schema and dataSources:

const { schema, dataSources } = core.buildSchema(schemaName, pubsub, schemaDirectives)

It can then connect to data sources:


Or disconnect from data sources:


Planned Work

  • Convert this module to typescript to improve its usability and reliability as part of the overall sync offering.