advanced discord.js command handler framework with many extra utilities

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  import aerowareAeroclient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aeroware/aeroclient';



AeroClient Discord


AeroClient is a discord.js framework that focuses on customization. It is fully customizable due to the many options and flags you can set. AeroClient also features something new in discord.js frameworks: middleware.


The docs for this framework can be found here


  • Aliases
  • Logger
  • Persistable
    • Prefixes
    • Cooldowns
  • Command handling
    • Many flags to choose and enable; some are listed below
      • args if arguments are required
      • guildOnly if the command can only be executed in a guild
      • hidden if the command should be hidden from the help command
    • Automatic incorrect usage reply
  • Extremely powerful argument validation and parsing
    • Compile metasyntax
    • Validate arguments
    • Parse arguments into objects for usage
  • Automatic loading
    • Events
    • Commands
    • Custom responses; also listed below
      • error when an error occurs
      • usage when the usage is incorrect
      • cooldown when the cooldown is not over
  • Cooldowns
  • Default commands and behaviour
    • setprefix sets the prefix for the current guild
    • help simple help command
  • Middleware
    • Stop command execution if needed
    • Customize AeroClient behaviour
  • Slash commands

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