Aesthetic is a powerful type-safe, framework agnostic, CSS-in-JS library for styling components.

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  import aestheticCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aesthetic/core';


Aesthetic - Core API

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Unifies a design system, a CSS-in-JS engine, and a style sheet structure, into a powerful framework agnostic API.

import { Aesthetic } from '@aesthetic/core';
import dayTheme from './design/system/dayTheme';
import nightTheme from './design/system/nightTheme';

const aesthetic = new Aesthetic({
  defaultUnit: 'px',
  deterministicClasses: false,

// Register a theme (provided by the design system)
aesthetic.registerDefaultTheme('day', dayTheme);

// Register a theme that has global styles
aesthetic.registerTheme('night', nightTheme, (css) => ({
  '@root': css.mixin('root', {
    backgroundColor: css.var('palette-neutral-bg-base'),
    height: '100%',

// Create a component style sheet
const styleSheet = aesthetic.createComponentStyles((css) => ({
  button: {
    textAlign: 'center',
    display: 'inline-block',
    padding: css.var('spacing-df'),

// Render the style sheet into the document
const classNames = aesthetic.renderComponentStyles(styleSheet);

Though the core API is framework agnostic and can be used stand-alone, it's encouraged to use a framework integration package for better ergonomics.


Supports all features provided by unified packages, while also providing...

  • Register, manage, and activate themes, powered by the design system.
  • Automatically activates a theme based on a users preferences (color scheme, contrast, etc).
  • Scopes active theme styles and CSS variables to the body to avoid global scope pollution.
  • Factories and renders component and theme style sheets.
  • Supports color scheme, contrast, and theme variants for style sheets.
  • Renders font faces, keyframes, and CSS imports.
  • Handles server-side rendering and client-side hydration.
  • Integrates with the React framework.


  • IE 11+


yarn add @aesthetic/core