File utils.

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  import aestheticbookshelfFileutils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aestheticbookshelf/fileutils';



Fileutils is the no nonsense synchronous file utility package you have always dreamed of. It is built on proven packages ( copy-dir, mkdirp, rimraf ) and brings together their functionality in a coherent way. Plus adds synchronous JSON read from file with default object and JSON write to file, which you cannot achieve with json-file.


const fu = require('@aestheticbookshelf/fileutils')

// create directory, won't complain if it already exists, creates all directories in path


// remove directory recursively


// read file, with default

let content = fu.readFile("foo.txt", "default text in case foo.txt is missing")

// write file

fu.writeFile("foo.txt", "some content")

// write file, but don't overwrite if it exists

fu.writeFile("foo.txt", "some content", fu.DONT_OVERWRITE)

// read JSON with default

let obj = fu.readJson("foo.json", {
    meta: "I'm a default object to return in case foo.json does not exist"

// write JSON

fu.writeJson("foo.json", {
    meta: "I'm an object to be written to foo.json"

// copy directory, recursively

fu.copyDir("foo", "bar")