Lichess bot.

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<script type="module">
  import aestheticbookshelfLichessbot from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aestheticbookshelf/lichessbot';



Implements the lichess bot API. Works both in Node.js and in the browser. In the latter case you need to bundle the code using browserify .


const { LichessBot } = require('@aestheticbookshelf/lichessbot')

const USER = {
  id: "", // lichess user id
  accessToken: "" // access token with scopes read challenge / accept challenge / play as bot

    let b = LichessBot({
        userId: USER.id,
        token: USER.accessToken,
        stockfishPath: "", // path/to/stockfish.wasm.js
        acceptVariant: "standard", // space separated list of variant keys
        minInitialClock: 15 // minimum initial clock in seconds




Constructor uses stockfishPath to configure the engine, which in the browser should point to stockfish.wasm.js ( you should also provide stockfish.wasm in the same folder, see also multi variant Stockfish wasm releases ), in Node.js to the native Stockfish executable ( see also multi variant Stockfish releases ).

While Stockfish is the recommended choice ( supporting all lichess variants and having both webassembly and native executables ), you can use any UCI engine. For the brower you have to create a UCI engine that can oparate as a web worker, taking commands and reporting output as web worker messages.