Ledger Hardware Wallet aeternity API

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  import aeternityLedgerAppApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aeternity/ledger-app-api';


æternity ledger app api

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This is the API to the æternity ledger app. With this API, you can communicate directly with the æternity ledger app and use embedded features such as requesting an address or signing transaction.

Each call to the API can trigger an UI response to the Ledger app, where the user will be able to validate the request.

Installation & Usage

Install the æternity ledger app api via npm

npm install @aeternity/ledger-app-api

Import the æternity ledger app api and transport u2f

import Ae from "@aeternity/ledger-app-api";
import TransportU2F from "@ledgerhq/hw-transport-u2f";

Here's an example of a api usage:

const transport = await TransportU2F.create();
const ae = new Ae(transport);
let address = await ae.getAddress(0);


Full documentation can be found at aeternity.github.io/ledger-app-api