Manage vue-i18n localization with static analysis

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vue-i18n-extract is built to work with your Vue.js projects using vue-i18n. When run vue-18n-extract analyses your Vue.js source code for any vue-i18n key usages (ex. $t(''), $tc(''), ...) as well as your language files (ex. de_DE.js, en_EN.json, ...), in order to:

  • I18NReport keys that are missing in the language files.
  • I18NReport unused keys in the language files.

:book: Documentation

Check the official documentation here: https://pixari.github.io/vue-i18n-extract/

:exclamation: Issues

I'm sure you'll find bugs and when you do it would be great if you'd could report them here.

:muscle: Contribution

The project is still in its early stages and in progress. I think there's no need for guidelines yet, so feel free to contribute or give feedback as you prefer.

:copyright: License