A Theme UI preset that focuses on typography.

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<script type="module">
  import affectionatedoorPresetTypography from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@affectionatedoor/preset-typography';


A Theme UI preset that focuses on typography.


yarn add @affectionatedoor/preset-typography

See how to get started with Theme UI, and how to use a preset. If you are building a Gatsby app, you can use the Gatsby plugin.

Root element

The preset declares a --rhythm CSS custom property on the root element. As a result, don't forget to wrap your page with the Styled.root component:

// src/pages/index.js
/** @jsx jsx */
import { jsx, Styled } from "theme-ui";

export default () => (
    <main sx={{ m: "0 auto", maxWidth: "calc(var(--rhythm) * 22)" }}>
      {/* Content */}

Because I'm using custom properties for spacing, this preset will not work on IE11.

Modifying the theme

If you want to change the font size or line height, use the root element. You should also update the typographic rhythm, which is the root element's font-size * line-height:

import baseTheme from "@affectionatedoor/preset-typography";

export default {
  fonts: {
    heading: "'system-ui', sans-serif",
    body: "'system-ui', sans-serif"
  styles: {
    root: {
      fontSize: ["16px", "18px"],
      lineHeight: [1.4, 1.5],
      "--rhythm": ["calc(1.4 * 16px)", "calc(1.5 * 18px)"]

This is the source code for the theme.


If you want to quickly enable OpenType features for your font files, use this package.