SDK monorepo for affinity DID solution for browser

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  import affinidiWalletBrowserSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@affinidi/wallet-browser-sdk';


Affinity SDK for browser

Please note that versions >=4.2.6 <=5.0.0 might not work properly (see this PR).

For v5, please use versions >=5.0.1.

For v4, please use version 4.2.5 or, even better, update to v5.

Browser SDK extends CORE SDK. Make sure to check the CORE SDK documentation.

How to install

npm i --save @affinidi/wallet-browser-sdk

Setup Integration Tests

Test credentials should be added to the top level .env file. These contain usernames and passwords of pre-populated accounts on the staging environment. Reach out to a team member for instructions on how to set up this file, or to obtain a copy.

How to use

Please refer to @affinidi/wallet-core-sdk README