Conversion library for parsing various citation/reference files

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For all the popular Reference Manager formats

📝 Table of Contents

⌛️ Quick Start

See it on npm

npm i @afnan.bashir/dxipher-js

Use like below

const { bibtexToJSON } = require("@afnan.bashir/dxipher-js");

//Read your .bib and pass the content

See the documentation here

🧐 About

Reference JS is a collection of parsing functions for Node that allow you to import, export and convert between BibTeX, EndNote, XML, JSON files and more.

Reference Managers are software tools used to organise research work. We aim to tackle the vast Reference Manager format types that exist i.e. bibtex, f1000, XML.

By parsing all formats into JSON, we alleviate the need to for JSON based storage and point-to-point conversion i.e. Bibtex to JSON to XML.

The project was forked from devisle and has been extended to support other file formats.

🏁 Getting Started

These instructions will set reference-js up and running on your local machine for development and deployment purposes. See Usage for notes on how to use the API.


You will need NodeJS and NPM. Not sure if you have node or npm? use in your terminal:

node -v


Install the package with

npm install @afnan.bashir/dxipher-js

🔧 Contributors

See the To do for required features to work on.

Further information on how to contribute Here.

🎈 Usage

Formats from Reference managers can be converted into JSON and back. Using this approach, you are able to leverage the library to convert between other formats e.g. Bibtex to JSON to RIS behind the scenes.

🚀 Deployment

We recommend storing your references in JSON format as it is highly compatible with NoSQL databases and Web Applications.

⛏️ Built Using

✍️ Authors

  • @afnan - Forked and Extension

Original Authors:

🎉 Acknowledgements

  • I am grateful to Dev Isle for uploading nicely designed project on which I was able to extend