Local and remote photo browser with captions, selections and grid view support for react native.

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  import agarthaReactNativePhotoBrowser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agartha/react-native-photo-browser';


React Native Photo Browser

A full screen image gallery with captions, selections and grid view support for react-native. Layout and API design are inspired by great MWPhotoBrowser library.

The component has both iOS and Android support.


npm install react-native-photo-browser --save


Prop Type Description Default
style Style Overrides default container style. null
mediaList Array<Media> List of media objects to display. []
initialIndex Number Sets the visible photo initially. 0
alwaysShowControls Boolean Allows to control whether the bars and controls are always visible or whether they fade away to show the photo full. false
displayActionButton Boolean Show action button to allow sharing, copying, etc. false
displayNavArrows Boolean Whether to display left and right nav arrows on bottom toolbar. false
alwaysDisplayStatusBar Boolean Whether to display the OS Status Bar. false
displayTopBar Boolean Whether to display top bar. true
enableGrid Boolean Whether to allow the viewing of all the photo thumbnails on a grid. true
startOnGrid Boolean Whether to start on the grid of thumbnails instead of the first photo. false
displaySelectionButtons Boolean Whether selection buttons are shown on each image. false
useCircleProgressiOS Boolean Displays Progress.Circle instead of default Progress.Bar for full screen photos. Check Progress section for more info. false
onSelectionChanged Function Called when a media item is selected or unselected. (media, index, isSelected) => {}
onActionButton Function Called when action button is pressed for a photo. Your application should handle sharing process, please see Sharing section for more information. If you don't provide this method, action button tap event will simply be ignored. (media, index) => {}
onBack Function Called when back button is tapped. () => {}
itemPerRow Number Sets images amount in grid row. 3
onPhotoLongPress Function Called when a long press trigged on a photo. () => {}
delayPhotoLongPress Number The long press delay in ms. 1000
square Boolean Displays the thumbnails as squares(same width, height). false
gridOffset Number Offset the width of the grid from the screen width. 0
customTitle Function Custom title in full screen mode. (index, rowCount) => { return '' }

Media Object

const media = {
  thumb: '', // thumbnail version of the photo to be displayed in grid view. actual photo is used if thumb is not provided
  photo: '', // a remote photo or local media url
  caption: '', // photo caption to be displayed
  selected: true, // set the photo selected initially(default is false)

Progress Component


Built-in ActivityIndicator component is used for Android. Any additional configuration is not needed.


react-native-progress component is used as progress indicator. The default progress component is Progress.Bar. You can also use Progress.Circle component by simply using useCircleProgress prop, and adding ReactART library to your Xcode project. For more information please check out react-native-progress repo and React Native documentation.


I tried delivering sharing photo feature but it was complicated to provide for iOS and android out of the box. I now believe it's a better idea to separate sharing logic into another module. Please check out Example project to see a basic ActionSheetIOS implementation for iOS. You may also use available sharing libraries such as react-native-activity-view and react-native-share.


See PhotoBrowserExample.js file.

Follow those steps to run the example:

  1. Clone the repo git clone https://github.com/halilb/react-native-photo-browser && cd react-native-photo-browser/Example
  2. Install dependencies npm install
  3. Follow official instructions to run the example project in a simulator or device.


  • Android support
  • Improve performance for bigger collections
  • Video support
  • Photo zoom
  • Zooming photos to fill the screen