A super-simple PrivateBin upload library

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  import agc93Privatebin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agc93/privatebin';


PrivateBin Upload Library

This library is a super-simple helper to upload content to a PrivateBin server. There's already an excellent CLI available so this is specifically intended for use in projects that want to include PrivateBin uploads.

Note that this library only supports PrivateBin 1.3+ (aka format version 2)


In short, create a new PrivateBinClient and call uploadContent with your content and provide any options you want (sane-ish defaults will be used for any missing options):

import {PrivateBinClient} from '@agc93/privatebin'
var client = new PrivateBinClient("https://privatebin.net/");
var result = await client.uploadContent('This is a test for `some` **content**', {uploadFormat: 'markdown', expiry: '5min'});
return result;

There's also a getPasteUrl method included for convenience if you're just after the final shareable link

import {getPasteUrl} from '@agc93/privatebin';

Important: The PrivateBinClient defaults to creating expiring pastes! If you want to create permanent pastes, make sure to set the expiry to never


  • 0.0.1: Initial release
  • 0.0.2: Add compat for Node 12.9+