AppGallery Connect Server-SDK for Node.js common module

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Huawei AppGallery Connect Node.js Server SDK

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In many cases, you need to access Huawei services from your server. For example, you need to manage users on your management console or operate the database when processing service access. AppGallery Connect provides the Server SDK for you to integrate it into your server for function development.

For more information, visit the AppGallery Connect Introduction.


The AppGallery Connect Node.js SDK is available on npm as @agconnect/common-server:

$ npm install --save @agconnect/common-server

To use the module in your application, you can require it from any JavaScript file:

var { AGCClient, CredentialParser }= require("@agconnect/common-server")

If you are using ES6, you can also import the module:

import {AGCClient, CredentialParser} from "@agconnect/common-server";

Supported Environments

We support Node.js 10.12.0 and higher.

Also note that the Huawei AppGallery Connect Node.js Server SDK should only be used in server-side/back-end environments controlled by the application developer.This includes most server and serverless platforms. Do not use the Node.js Server SDK environment in the client.



Huawei AppGallery Connect Node.js Server SDK is licensed under the "ISC".