Utility methods for async generators

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  import agenNs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agen/ns';



Global namespace for @agen packages.

This package contains the following utility methods and fields:

  • ns the namespace itself
  • getGlobal - returns a global variable
  • setGlobal - allows to overload/redefine a global variable used by other methods

Example: defining global variables for NodeJS platform (before v13):

const { getGlobal, setGlobal } = require('@agen/ns');
if (!getGlobal('TextDecoder')) setGlobal('TextDecoder', require('util').TextDecoder);


This method returns a global variable with the specified name. Parameters:

  • name - name of the global variable to return


const { getGlobal } = require('@agen/ns');
const TextEncoder = getGlobal('TextEncoder');


This method redefines a globally used variables:

  • name - name of the variable
  • value - a new value to set


const { setGlobal } = require('@agen/ns');

setGlobal('TextEncoder', require('util').TextEncoder);