A portfolio item ancestor in-line filter override for Technical Services apps

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<script type="module">
  import agileCentralTechnicalServicesUtilsAncestorPiInlineFilter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agile-central-technical-services/utils-ancestor-pi-inline-filter';



Overrides that adds a ancestor portfolio item filter to the rallygridboardinlinefiltercontrol for each portfolio item type supplied to the quickFilterPanelConfig.

The plugin will:

  • add a filter field for each portfolio level into the quick filter chooser
  • render that field as a artifact search combobox quick filter
  • apply the quick filter to the current advanced filters
  • fix the PreliminaryEstimate in-line editor to sort by item value



  1. Install using npm (or yarn) npm install '@agile-central-technical-services/utils-ancestor-pi-inline-filter' -D
  2. Add the file to the javascript section of config.json
     "javascript": [

Example usage

    addGridboard: function() {
            xtype: 'rallygridboard',
            plugins: [
                    ptype: 'rallygridboardinlinefiltercontrol',
                    inlineFilterButtonConfig: {
                        inlineFilterPanelConfig: {
                            quickFilterPanelConfig: {
                                // Supply a list of Portfolio Item Types. For example `Rally.data.util.PortfolioItemHelper.getPortfolioItemTypes()`
                                portfolioItemTypes: this.portfolioItemTypes,
                                // Set the TypePath of the model item that is being filtered. For example: 'PortfolioItem/Feature' or 'Defect'
                                modelName: this.modelNames[0],

Developer Notes

To Update

  1. npm version patch - This will update the package.json to a new version and create a git tag (e.g. v1.0.1). It will also run the postversion script to push the changes and tag to GitHub.
  2. npm publish --access public - This will publish the new version to npmjs.org
  3. Create the new release in `utils-ancestor-pi-inline-filter/releases'