Modal dialogs and popups module for Angular applications

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  import agilieNg2DialogWindow from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agilie/ng2-dialog-window';




Dialog window module for Angular (Angular 2) applications which allows to open dialog window using custom components. Any data could be easily send to component.


To install this module, run:

$ npm install @agilie/ng2-dialog-window --save


import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { YourDialogWindowComponent } from './component/path'
import { AppComponent } from './app.component'
import { Ng2DialogWindowModule, Ng2DialogWindowService } from '@agilie/ng2-dialog-window';

    imports: [
        // ... 
    declarations: [
        // ....
    providers: [
    entryComponents: [
export class AppModule {
import { Component, ViewContainerRef } from '@angular/core';
import { Ng2DialogWindowService } from '@agilie/ng2-dialog-window';
import { YourDialogWindowComponent } from './component/path'

  selector: 'app-component',
  template: '<button (click)="openModal()">Open modal</button>'
export class AppComponent {

    constructor( private dialog: Ng2DialogWindowService, private viewContainer: ViewContainerRef) {
    openModal() {
        this.dialog.openModal(this.viewContainer, {component: YourDialogWindowComponent})


You need to extend your dialog component from Ng2DialogWindowComponent to inherit base methods of dialog window and wrap your template in ng2-dialog-window-component tag to extend dialog window base styles.

It seems like Angular doesn't provide any simple way to inherit styles from another component. Feel free to create an issue ticket if you think I am wrong.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { Ng2DialogWindowComponent } from '@agilie/ng2-dialog-window'

  selector: 'my-dialog-window',
  template: '<ng2-dialog-window-component><!-- Body of dialog window --></ng2-dialog-window-component>'
export class YourDialogWindowComponent extends Ng2DialogWindowComponent {



Here is the list of accessible methods that you can use:


.openModal(viewContainerRef, options)

Method allows to open dialog window. It creates new dialog instance on each call. It accepts viewContainerRef of component and options object as arguments.

viewContainerRef {viewContainerRef} - viewContainerRef of component from which you call openModal method


component {Component} - dialog window component

data {String} | {Object} | {Array} - any serializable data that you want to be stored in dialog component and be available from dialogData.

Dialog component

close() - extended method from base dialog component. Closes dialog window.


  1. Add more options (closeByClick, showCloseButton etc.)
  2. Add possibility to open dialog window from services
  3. Add animation
  4. Add demo
  5. Add tests
  6. TBD


Problems? Check the Issues block to find the solution or create a new issue that we will fix asap. Feel free to contribute.


This Angular module is open-sourced by Agilie Team info@agilie.com


Maks Nechesonov

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