This package provides Agillic's .eslintrc as an extensible shared config.

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  import agillicEslintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agillic/eslint-config';


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Agillic ESlint Config

This ESlint config helps keeping your code clean and tidy while enforcing plenty of good practices.

Made with :heart: by Agillic


npm install --save-dev @agillic/eslint-config

Or if you're using yarn

yarn add @agillic/eslint-config

Note that in order to work properly this package requires a peer dependency of ESlint.


In order to use this config extend your .eslintrc file

  "extends": ["@agillic/eslint-config"]


This config extends airbnb and sonarjs/recommended configs.

It also uses the following plugins:

For the details on specific usage please refer to index.js.