The relative luminance library of Agillic

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  import agillicRelativeLuminance from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agillic/relative-luminance';


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Agillic Relative Luminance

Make sure your components are properly visible using relative luminance! Made with :heart: by Agillic


npm install --save @agillic/relative-luminance

Or if you're using yarn

yarn add @agillic/relative-luminance


In order to import all the functions, use:

import agillicRelativeLuminance from '@agillic/relative-luminance'

Or for some good old nostalgia:

const agillicRelativeLuminance = require('@agillic/relative-luminance')

You can also import the functions separately:

import {getLightnessFromHexColor, isColorDark, isColorBright} from '@agillic/relative-luminance'

All of the functions take one argument – an object with a string hex value as color property, e.g.:

const argumentObject = {
  color: '#FFFF00'

NPM Scrips description

  • build - transpiles and builds project files and outputs them to the top-level build directory,
  • build:watch - as above but additionally also watches for changes in the files and rebuilds as needed,
  • lint - runs ESlint on all the files and outputs any warnings and errors to the console,
  • test - runs all the tests in watch mode,
  • help - shows description of the project's NPM scripts.


getLightnessFromHexColor returns color lightness as a number.

const lightness = getLightnessFromHexColor({color: '#FFFF00'})

The above returns the following 0.7277058823529411.


isColorDark returns true if the given color is perceived as a dark color.

const isColorDark = isColorDark({color: '#0000FE'})

The above returns true.


isColorBright returns true if the given color is perceived as a bright color.

const isColorBright = isColorBright({color: '#FFFF00'})

The above returns true.


  • npm run build:watch will transpile all the sources on file save,
  • npm test will run tests in watch mode,
  • npm run test:coverage will run tests and report coverage statistics,
  • npm run lint will lint the source files.