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Create ShipStation shipment and generate label when an order is paid/captured in Moltin

Asynchronous microservice that is triggered by moltin webhooks to create a ShipStation shipment.

Built with Micro! 🤩

🛠 Setup

Both a moltin and ShipStation account are needed for this to function.

Create a .env at the project root with the following credentials:


Find your MOLTIN_CLIENT_ID and MOLTIN_CLIENT_SECRET inside of your moltin Dashboard's API keys.

MOLTIN_WEBHOOK_SECRET can be anything you want.

Create a key to use for SHIPSTATION_PUBLIC_KEY and SHIPSTATION_SECRET_KEY inside of your ShipStation Portal.

📦 Package

Run the following command to build the app

yarn install

Start the development server

yarn dev

The server will typically start on PORT 3000, if not, make a note for the next step.

Start ngrok (change ngrok port below from 3000 if yarn dev deployed locally on different port above)

ngrok http 3000

Make a note of the https ngrok URL provided.

⛽️ Usage

Next head over to the moltin Webhook Settings area, add a new integration (Settings > Integrations and click Create).

Enter any name and description for your Integration. Moltin recommends you prefix the name with DEVELOPMENT: for any testing.

Next, enter the ngrok URL from above and MOLTIN_WEBHOOK_SECRET that you saved inside .env.

URL and Secret Key

Now finally you'll want to configure what Moltin Observables will cause this webhook to be invoked. In this example we want to monitor the Order observable and select the Paid/Captured box.

Observes selection

Click Save to register your new Webhook with Moltin.

🚀 Deploy

You can easily deploy this function to now.

Contact Adam Grohs @ Particular. for any questions.