Share code across vat boundaries

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  import agoricImportManager from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@agoric/import-manager';


Import Manager

ImportManager allows a package to make some code available that can be run locally by a calling vat without requiring a remote round trip to the hosting vat. Remote code can indicate what function to run using a key.

Long term, we may want to import from a well-known repository, and manage version upgrades, but for now, we just import the code from the file system.

A package that wanted to export some code for clients to run in their own vat would import or define some functions, then call

  const mgr = importManager();
  return mgr.addExports(
       'usefulFn', export1,
       'helpfulFn', export2,

then it could pass strings like 'usefulFn' to clients, who could import the manager above, then call

const genericFn = importer.lookupImport(name);