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Kitchen Sink



Conventional Commits

Please use conventional commits with the following scopes:

  • monorepo
  • layer-selector
  • sherlock
  • helpers
  • dart-board
  • mousetrap

npm run build

Using lerna exec runs babel on each package as well as copyfiles for copying non-babel files. Output is put in the dist directory within each package.

npm start

Starts a watch process that automatically runs new builds when any file changes within a package folder.

npm test

Runs tests via jest.

npm run storybook

Starts the storybook server.

npm run link && npm run unlink

Runs npm (un)link for all packages making them npm-link-able in other projects on your local machine.

If you experience invalid use of hook errors in your application after npm-linking, you may try running npm link ../myapp/node_modules/react (as suggested in the react docs) from the root of this project to make sure that you are using the same react instance in both projects.

npm run release

Publishes packages that have changed since the last release to npm. This automatically increments the version numbers and updates CHANGELOG.md based on conventional commits.