FP-friendly classes for Typescript

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Ahana FP

FOSSA Status

This package contains a series of "FP-friendly" classes for use in your code.

What is "FP-friendly"?

An “FP-friendly’ object can be defined as an instance of the class with immutable internal property and a set of methods that are all ‘pure’ with the caveat that they are able to read internal fields without treating that as a side effect?

Put another way, in a purely FP language, the set of functions F that can operate on a type T can be reasonably modeled in a hybrid or OO language as a class T, where each of the functions in F becomes a method on the class T, with the initial parameter of each function being replaced by an internal property of T.

Says who?

Well, me. I don't think this definition should cause anyone by the most hardened purist any real concern.

Implementing these in a purely FP style would still result in the functions being packaged someway, probably in some kind of namespace. This is just another way to manage this.

Releasing a new version

If you're able to release new version, you should do:

npm run release
git push && git push --tags


FOSSA Status