A CLI app that lets you download images from Google Image search.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ahmetcetinImageDownloader from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ahmetcetin/image-downloader';


Google Image Downloader

Command line image downloader from Google based on images-scraper (https://github.com/pevers/images-scraper).


This app requires Nodejs version 12 or higher. Also it requires Google Chrome browser installed.

How to install

npm install -g @ahmetcetin/image-downloader

How to use

Just run googledl in terminal, and follow the instructions.

After entering parameters, it will launch Chrome browser and make the search in Google Images, then will download the required number of images to the selected basefolder/subfolder. The number of images downloaded might be less than required, as app will download only jpg files.

Remember that there is a hard limit of 400 images in google image search results.

How to uninstall

npm uninstall -g @ahmetcetin/image-downloader

Important - Copyright notice!

You can freely use this tool for any purpose but please respect the copyright owners of the images you downloaded using this tool. Downloading image from Internet does not mean that you can use it freely.