Library that run a FHIR microserver that handle a single FHIR resource

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  import ahryman40kTypescriptOverAsymmetrik from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ahryman40k/typescript-over-asymmetrik';



Library based on Asymmetrik node-fhir-server-core library
Thanks to it, I'm proud to offer to Typescript community a fully typed typescript FHIR server !

As asymmetrik still not accepted my pull request, I must use a fork.
You can find sources of that fork here


License: GPL v3

How it's work

If you are familiar with Angular framework, you will understand quickly how thing works.

You can also find a working exemple in the sample folder

1.Implement the server

A base class is present to help you to quickly define your own server. I mean:

  • Add custom middleware
  • Add additional routes to FHIR server

But in the most basic use, you have to define a server object as following

class MyServer extends AbstractServer {
    constructor(capabilities: CapabilitiesModule) {

    start(options: IServerOptions): Observable<IServerStatus> {
        return super.start(options);

    stop(): void {
        return super.stop();

2.Implement FHIR resources class

Now we can create classes to handle a fhir request on specific resource

class MyPatient implements ISearchCapability {
    search(): any {


Fine, the most difficult is done !

3.Add decorators

Now we need to add some decorations on our resource class to tell the library how to use it. In the following exemple I will add Capability to my object to:

  • define a search capability in server's metadata
  • set kind of FHIR resource this object will handle
  • define which search parameters should be used with this object
    capability: ['search'],
    resource: "patient",
    criterias: ['identifier', 'name']

class MyPatient implements ISearchCapability {

we also decorate our server to let it know about our capabilities

    capabilities: [
class MyServer extends AbstractServer {

4.Bootstrap the server

Finally we call a bootstrapping function that will set up the asymmetrik server for us.

    .then(server => {
        server.start({ port: 3001 });
        console.log('server is running on port 3001')

No more step is required, you can now focus on how resolve your search request !