A strongly typed library to write 'queries' on complex data structure. Including Consistency modifications (cascade delte, unset property on foreign key constraint violation)

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  import aicGreedyCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aic-greedy/core';


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This library provides

  • deep
  • typed
  • null safe
  • Ahead of time (?)

data retrieval and data manipulation aswell as data consistency in complex Typescript data structures.

Wait what?

Imagine i18n keys or paths. It´s some kind of AOT data retrieval mechanism. But instead of strings - you can use it for everything in a datastructure. And you get type support in the making of your paths aswell as in dataretrieval. Also you can pass in variables - so the retrieval is dynamic! Also you can not only read from, but also write to these paths.


For now please check the unit tests in the "test" folder on GitHub!