Job Status Service client for javascript apps.

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  import aicsJobStatusClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aics/job-status-client';



This is a JavaScript client to the Job Status Service (JSS). It will provide the API to create, update, and query jobs.

It can be installed like this:

npm i --save @aics/job-status-client

Level of Support

We are not currently supporting this code for external use, but simply releasing it to the community AS IS. It is used for within our organization. We are not able to provide any guarantees of support. The community is welcome to submit issues, but you should not expect an active response.

Example Usage

Client instantiation

const jssClient = new JobStatusClient(LIMS_HOST, LIMS_PORT);

Creating jobs

Creating a job only requires the following properties:

  • user (string)

Note that custom fields can be added to the serviceFields property.

  jobId: "f55dd53883a44cdaa6eff884a6b5266b",
  childIds: ["a0eaf0d41db848c8be5802432de327b9"],
  currentHost: "dev-aics-lhp-001",
  currentStage: "started",
  jobName: "Dinner",
  originationHost: "kitchen",
  parentId: null,
  service: "diner-service",
  serviceFields: {
     guestName: "goofy",    
  status: "WAITING",
  user: "demo",
  updateParent: null,
.then(() => console.log("success!"))
.catch((e) => console.log("error", e));

Updating Jobs

There are only a subset of fields that can be updated:

  • jobName (string)
  • childIds (string[])
  • serviceFields (any)
  • currentHost (string)
  • currentStage (string)
jssClient.updateJob("f55dd53883a44cdaa6eff884a6b5266b", {
    currentStage: "queuing for SLURM",
    serviceFields: {
        files: ["file1.txt", "file2.txt"],
        favorites: {
            number: 1,
            color: "red",

This update will result in properties listed in the request getting replaced with the values they are set to.

To update only a specific property without overriding everything else, you can add a 3rd parameter to updateJob:

jssClient.updateJob("f55dd53883a44cdaa6eff884a6b5266b", {
    serviceFields: {
        favorites: { color: "blue" }
}, true);

This should only update the service_fields.favorites.color property. Note that JSS does not make it possible to overwrite the property serviceFields.

Getting jobs

// get all blocked or waiting jobs owned by foo
    user: "foo",
    status: {
       "$in": ["BLOCKED", "WAITING"] 
.then((jobs) => console.log("success!", jobs))
.catch((e) => console.log("error", e));

Library development

Gradle Tasks

script comments
build create CommonJS, ES module, and UMD builds
bundle run Webpack to create a UMD bundle
clean remove generated artifacts
format run prettier on src directory
generateTypes generate type declarations
lint run eslint on src directory
transpileCommonJs run babel on src directory; transpile import/export statements for a CommonJS compatible build
transpileES run babel on src directory; do not transpile import/export statements for an ES module compatible build (used by bundlers for tree-shaking)
test run mocha; searches for any files matching the pattern "src/*/.test.js"
typeCheck run tsc in type-check only mode

Simultaneously working on application and library

You can test a development copy of the library in another application using npm-link:

npm link creates a symlink for the library that points to your development copy.

  1. Run npm link in the root of this repository
  2. Run npm link aicsfiles in the root of your application


After merging to master, create a release build specifying the type of release ('patch', 'minor', 'major') and checking PUBLISH. https://jenkins.corp.alleninstitute.org/job/node-packages/job/job-status-client/job/master/build?delay=0sec