Aida injector to create a flat object of all defined routes

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import aidaInjectorRoutes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aida/injector-routes';


Injector - Routes


The Routes injector generates a flat endpoints object for all models defined in your models directory. This injector is used as a base for other injectors, and it has very limited applicability on its own.


The Routes injector has no dependencies.

Use Cases

The main use case for this injector is, as previously mentioned, as a base for other injectors that require a flat list of all defined endpoints.


Example is not required, as this injector's result is rarely used by end users.


As previously discussed, all injectors accept a single options object in the .aidarc config file.


  • baseUri - Specifies the base URI to be hardcoded to each route, if desired. Defaults to ''.
  • category - Specifies the category you wish the injector to run on. Not required if your models are not split into categories (subfolders within a model folder).