CLI tool for texture compression using ASTC, ETC, PVRTC and S3TC in a KTX container.

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Texture Compressor

npm version

CLI tool for texture compression using ASTC, ETC, PVRTC and S3TC in a KTX container.


Make sure you have Node.js installed.

 $ npm install texture-compressor

Live demo

Live demo


Supported devices table

Supported parameters

Recommended parameters

CLI Usage


$ node ./bin/texture-compressor -i input/example.png -t astc -c ASTC_4x4 -q astcmedium -o output/example-astc.ktx -y -m -vb


$ node ./bin/texture-compressor -i input/example.png -t etc -c ETC2_RGB -q etcfast -o output/example-etc.ktx -y -m -vb


$ node ./bin/texture-compressor -i input/example.png -t pvrtc -c PVRTC1_2 -q pvrtcnormal -o output/example-pvrtc.ktx -y -m -vb


$ node ./bin/texture-compressor -i input/example.png -t s3tc -c DXT1 -q normal -o output/example-s3tc.ktx -y -m -vb

Module usage

const { pack } = require('./dist/cli/lib/index');

  type: 'astc',
  input: 'input/example.png',
  output: 'output/example-astc.ktx',
  compression: 'ASTC_4x4',
  quality: 'astcmedium',
  verbose: true,
}).then(() => console.log('done!'));



-i, --input [example: ./input/example.png] [required]
-o, --output [example: ./output/example.ktx] [required]
-t, --type [example: astc, etc, pvrtc, s3tc] [required]
-c, --compression [example: ASTC_4x4, ETC2_RGB, PVRTC1_2, DXT1] [required]
-q, --quality [example: astcmedium, etcfast, pvrtcnormal, normal] [required]


-vb, --verbose [true / false, default: false] [not required]

-rs, --square ['no', '-', '+', default: +] [not required]
-rp, --pot ['no', '-', '+', default: +] [not required]
-m, --mipmap [true / false, default: false] [not required]
-y, --flipY [tue / false, default: false] [not required]

Tool flags

Tool flags are not processed by texture-compressor but rather directly by the binary you are targeting itself.

For example adding --flags ["usesourceformat DXT1A" "alphaThreshold 200"] will pass usesourceformat DXT1A and alphaThreshold 200 directly to Crunch.

Please be aware that these flags are tool specific and can therefore not be directly applied to the other binaries.

-f, --flags ["flag value" "flag value"] [not required]

To find tool specific flags please refer to the manuals of ASTC, ETC, PVRTC, S3TC.


My work is released under the MIT license.

This repository distributes multiple binary tools for Windows, Mac and Linux. This product includes components of the PowerVRâ„¢ SDK from Imagination Technologies Limited.