Provides a Lambda handler function to execute PHP via a FastCGI child process.

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  import aiirPhpLambda from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aiir/php-lambda';


PHP Lambda

Allows you to run PHP code within an AWS Lambda function, via Proxy Integration.

Takes an incoming API Gateway Lambda Proxy Integration request object, builds and dispatches to PHP, then parses the response back in to a suitable Lambda Proxy Integration response object.

Uses the PHP CGI process via FastCGI over a local socket to ensure fast execution of PHP code.

The FastCGI process is started up outside of the handler and therefore benefits from faster warm executions as Lambda "freezes" and "warms" the executing PHP process rather than cold starting it each time.

Requires a compiled php-cgi executable in your Lambda function ZIP file to function. See the following links for useful resources on producing a build:

https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/scripting-languages-for-aws-lambda-running-php-ruby-and-go/ https://github.com/ArtisanHost/php-cgi-lambda-build-script


Designed to run inside AWS' Lambda environment, with the Node.js 8.10 runtime.


In your existing PHP project, install the Node.js package:

$ npm install @aiir\php-lambda

Create an index.js script that setups your preferred environment:

const createHandler = require('@aiir/php-lambda');

module.exports.handler = createHandler();

Place your php-cgi executable in the same folder, then create a zip file to setup on AWS.

As well as creating your Lambda function, you will need to create an API Gateway in front of it, configures with a {proxy+} or similar proxy integration resource.


The library consists of a constructor function which returns the asynchronous handler for the Lambda function.

It can take an options object, which can consist of any of the following properties:

  • args Allows you to supply an array of arguments to the PHP CGI process.

  • command Defaults to php-cgi Sets the PHP process to be called.

  • index Defaults to index.php Sets the PHP script to be used to route all requests.

  • rewriteRules Allows specific routes to be handled by different PHP scripts. The value is an object, with the key as the route prefix to match and the value the path to the PHP script.

  • rootPath Defaults to . Sets where to find the index script and which path to base all rewrite rule paths on.

  • callbackWaitsForEmptyEventLoop Sets the value on the AWS context object property of the same name.