OpenID Connect Resource Server Authentication for Node.js

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OpenID Connect Resource Server Authentication

OpenID Connect Resource Server Authentication for Node.js


  • OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Usage (RFC 6750)
  • JWT Access Token Validation (Specification pending)
  • Issuer discovery (OpenID Connect Discovery)
  • Dynamic key rotation (OpenID Connect Core)
  • Multiple issuer support
  • Scope validation
  • Allow and deny access by "iss", "aud", and "sub" claims
  • OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection (RFC 7662)
  • Cookie Token Authentication (Specification pending)



We're still tidying up a few things. The package will be published to npm after testing and docs are complete.

$ npm install https://github.com/anvilresearch/oidc-rs.git


const ResourceServer = require('oidc-rs')


ResourceServer maintains a cache of provider metadata and JSON Web Keys for verifying signatures. Provider discovery and acquisition of keys takes place when a JWT access token is decoded. The provider metadata and JWK Set are cached in memory. Therefore no configuration is required.

let rs = new ResourceServer()

The provider cache can be serialized and persisted, then restored like so:

let providers = require('./providers.json')
ResourceServer.from({providers}).then(rs => /* ... */)

Global server authentication

const app = express()

Route specific configuration

app.get('/endpoint', rs.authenticate(options), (req, res, next) => {})

Middleware Options

No configuration is required in order to start using this middleware. All options are optional.

  realm: 'user',
  scopes: ['foo', 'bar'],
  allow: {
    issuers: ['https://forge.anvil.io'],
    audience: ['clientid1', 'clientid2'],
    subjects: ['userid1', 'userid2', 'useridn']
  deny: { // probably want to use either allow or deny, but not both
    issuers: ['https://forge.anvil.io'],
    audience: ['clientid1', 'clientid2'],
    subjects: ['userid1', 'userid2', 'useridn']
  handleErrors: false, // defaults to true
  tokenProperty: 'token',
  claimsProperty: 'claims'
  • realm – Value of "realm" parameter to use in WWW-Authenticate challenge header.
  • scopes – Array of scope values required to access this resource.
  • allow – Object with arrays of allowed issuers, audience and subjects.
  • deny – Object with arrays of restricted issuers, audience and subjects.
  • handleErrors – When set to false, error conditions will result in a call to next(), passing control to the application's error handling.
  • tokenProperty – Name of property on req to assign decoded JWT object. The property will not be set unless defined.
  • claimsProperty – name of property on req to assign verified JWT claims. Defaults to "claims".

Running tests


$ npm test

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2016 Anvil Research, Inc.