Metrics handling for Lunar.

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<script type="module">
  import airbnbLunarMetrics from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@airbnb/lunar-metrics';


Lunar Metrics

Provides integrated NewRelic and Sentry insights and metrics logging.

This will also set the Google Analytics userId if ga is global and userID is passed to Metrics.initialize.

yarn add @airbnb/lunar-metrics


Initialize the metrics package with your Sentry key/project (optional) and the current user ID.

import Metrics from '@airbnb/lunar-metrics';

  context: { additionalParams: 'toLog' },
  ignoreErrors: ['APIError'],
  sentryKey: 'abcdef',
  sentryProject: 'project',
  userID: getUserID(),

This will automatically bootstrap NewRelic (if the global below exists) and Sentry (if the key/project are defined).


Rather than being configured in your application logic, NewRelic is configured in the DOM with a script block, usually within a index.html file. The script block can be found in your NewRelic project -> Application settings page, and looks something like the following.

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.NREUM || (NREUM = {}),
    (__nr_require = function(t, e, n) {
      /* CODE */
  if (window.location.origin.indexOf('localhost') >= 0) {
    // development:
    NREUM.info = {
      beacon: 'bam.nr-data.net',
      errorBeacon: 'bam.nr-data.net',
      licenseKey: 'foobarbaz',
      applicationID: '12345678',
      sa: 1,
  } else {
    // production:
    NREUM.info = {
      beacon: 'bam.nr-data.net',
      errorBeacon: 'bam.nr-data.net',
      licenseKey: 'foobarbaz',
      applicationID: '12345678',
      sa: 1,

If you'd like to support separate development and production projects, a localhost conditional like the above will work.


Logging Errors

To log an error to both NewRelic and Sentry, use captureError. This function accepts a string, Error, or Event instance. It optionally supports additional params for Sentry as the 2nd argument.

import captureError from '@airbnb/lunar-metrics/lib/utils/captureError';

captureError('Something is broken');

captureError(new Error('Something is really really broken!'), {
  level: 'error',


Capturing Breadcrumbs

If you'd like to capture a Sentry breadcrumb to trail along side errors, use captureBreadcrumb.

import captureBreadcrumb from '@airbnb/lunar-metrics/lib/utils/captureBreadcrumb';

  message: 'Failed to login',
  category: 'auth',
  data: {
    username: 'foobar',