Pseudo Coffeescript linter via Eslint

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  import airikleonCoffeeLint from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@airikleon/coffee-lint';


Coffeescript Linter

Required to work

  • Create an eslint config eslint getting started
  • Pipe files separated by a newline \n into command coffee-lint


This is a simple linter that uses eslint to lint the javascript files produced by coffeescript.

The intention for this package is to remain a wrapper for simply mapping errors from coffeescript & eslint. All of the configuration is handled by an eslint config.

The package uses standard input for the files. The expectation here is that files are seperated by a newline \n

For example, and my personal use case, is I need to only lint the coffeescript files that are actually changed. So to do that we type the following command.

Using the Pipe (|) operator we can pass output into the next command.

git ls-files --exclude="node_modules/" -m -o | grep "**/*.coffee" | coffee-lint

This section produces a list of files excluding node_modules

git ls-files --exclude="node_modules" -m -o

This uses a glob pattern to only grab coffeescript files

 grep "**/*.coffee" 

This is the actual program taking in the piped input


This package currently uses the stylish formatter for outputting errors, example below:

/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Releases/eslint Release/eslint/fullOfProblems.js
  1:10  error    'addOne' is defined but never used            no-unused-vars
  2:9   error    Use the isNaN function to compare with NaN    use-isnan
  3:16  error    Unexpected space before unary operator '++'   space-unary-ops
  3:20  warning  Missing semicolon                             semi
  4:12  warning  Unnecessary 'else' after 'return'             no-else-return
  5:1   warning  Expected indentation of 8 spaces but found 6  indent
  5:7   error    Function 'addOne' expected a return value     consistent-return
  5:13  warning  Missing semicolon                             semi
  7:2   error    Unnecessary semicolon                         no-extra-semi

✖ 9 problems (5 errors, 4 warnings)
  2 errors and 4 warnings potentially fixable with the `--fix` option.

For source code or PR(s) visit repo here