Tools to get started on the AirSwap Network

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AirSwap Maker Kit

Maker Kit includes tools and examples to help you get started on the AirSwap Network.

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AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network for Ethereum (ERC20, ERC721) tokens. Using an Indexer smart contract, peers can find each other based on their mutual intent to trade specific tokens. Once found, peers exchange pricing information and settle trades on a Swap contract.

This package includes a set of scripts/ and a file handlers.js that implements the latest AirSwap protocol, both as an example and a dependency of AirSwap Maker Kit Examples. Scripts available in this package include functionality to interact with peers, indexers, and tokens. See Commands below.


  • Quotes are indicative prices and Orders are signed and executable for trading. Makers should be able to provide both.
  • Intent is an interest in trading including contact information, without pricing. Indexers help you manage intent.
  • Locators are public URLs shorter than 32 characters in length including URL scheme. This is where your maker runs.

Using the Commands


Requires Node.js ^10.13.0 and NPM or Yarn.

git clone https://github.com/airswap/airswap-maker-kit
cd airswap-maker-kit
yarn install

Environment variables are loaded from a .env file in the root directory. The following must be set:

  • ETHEREUM_ACCOUNT - The private key of an account to use for staking and trading.

There is an example .env-example that you can copy to .env to start with.

Ethereum Account

To use an existing Ethereum account, set the ETHEREUM_ACCOUNT in your .env file. Otherwise create a random account using the yarn utils:account script. Paste the generated private key into your .env file.

Contract Versions

The Swap and Indexer contracts used by Maker Kit are specified within their respective packages, @airswap/swap and @airswap/indexer in the AirSwap Protocols repository.

Selecting a Network

By default, Maker Kit will connect to Rinkeby (4) for testing. To instead connect to mainnet, set the CHAIN_ID in your .env file to 1.


Command Description
yarn Install dependencies
yarn peers:get Get quotes and orders from peers
yarn indexer:create Create a new token pair index
yarn indexer:enable Enable staking on the indexer
yarn indexer:set Set an intent to trade
yarn indexer:unset Unset an intent to trade
yarn indexer:get Get locators
yarn token:approve Approve a token for trading
yarn token:check Check a token approval
yarn utils:network Get network addresses
yarn utils:account Create a random account

Helpful for Testing on Rinkeby

  • ETH to pay for transactions - Faucet
  • WETH for trading - 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab Etherscan
  • DAI for trading - 0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea Etherscan
  • AST for staking - 0xcc1cbd4f67cceb7c001bd4adf98451237a193ff8 Etherscan / Faucet

Quick Start: Quoting

AirSwap Maker Kit Examples has examples available to get started. For the following guide, start up the Express example for Node.js on your local machine.

Get a quote from your maker

In another shell, run the yarn peers:get script to test it out. Use the default values for everything but provide a locator value of to connect to your newly running maker.

$ yarn peers:get

AirSwap: Get Quotes and Orders
Current account 0x1FF808E34E4DF60326a3fc4c2b0F80748A3D60c2 Rinkeby

Select a kind (quote, order):  (quote)
Select a side (buy, sell):  (buy)
Query a locator (optional):
Token to buy:  (0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea)
Token to pay:  (0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab)
Amount to buy:  (100)

Got a Quote

buy: 100 0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea
pay: 10 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab
price: 0.1

This succeeds because we have a locator in hand, the URL of your local webserver. However, if we do no thave a locator in hand, we need to use an indexer to find other trading parties.

Set your intent to trade

By default, your maker is running in isolation. Run peers:get with default values, which will display No peers found..

$ yarn peers:get

To be found, announce your maker to the world by setting your "intent to trade" on the indexer.

$ yarn indexer:set

AirSwap: Set Intent to Trade
Current account 0x1FF808E34E4DF60326a3fc4c2b0F80748A3D60c2 Rinkeby

Token address of signerToken (maker side):  (0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea)
Token address of senderToken (taker side):  (0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab)
Web address of your server (URL):  (
Amount of token to stake (AST):  (0)

Set an Intent

signerToken: 0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea
senderToken: 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab
stakeAmount: 0

The transaction will be mined and your locator is now on the indexer.

$ yarn indexer:get

AirSwap: Get Locators
Current account 0x1FF808E34E4DF60326a3fc4c2b0F80748A3D60c2 Rinkeby

Address of signerToken:  (0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea)
Address of senderToken:  (0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab)
Number of locators to return:  (10)

Get quotes from all makers (including yours)

Ensure your maker is still running.

Now run the same peers:get with default values, which will display your quote.

$ yarn peers:get

AirSwap: Get Quotes and Orders
Current account 0x1FF808E34E4DF60326a3fc4c2b0F80748A3D60c2

Select a kind (quote, order):  (quote)
Select a side (buy, sell):  (buy)
Query a locator (optional):
Token to buy:  (0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea)
Token to pay:  (0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab)
Amount to buy:  (100)

✓ Quote from (cost: 10, price: 0.1)

Staking and Trading

Indexer Staking

Run the yarn indexer:enable script to enable staking on an Indexer. You'll use AirSwap Tokens (AST) to stake an intent to trade. On Rinkeby, use the Rinkeby AST Faucet to pick up some AST for staking.

$ yarn indexer:enable

AirSwap: Enable Staking
Current account 0x1FF808E34E4DF60326a3fc4c2b0F80748A3D60c2

This will approve the Indexer contract to stake your AST.

Token Approvals

Tokens must be approved for trading on the Swap contract. This is a one-time transaction for each token. To approve the Swap contract to transfer your tokens, use the yarn token:approve script for both WETH and DAI addresses above. You can check the approval status of any token with the yarn token:check script.

Using as a Package

Custom Price and Amounts

Using the package to handle API requests, you can provide either the pricing handlers or the pricing data.

const initHandlers = require('@airswap/maker-kit')

const customPrices = {
  [signerToken]: {
    [senderToken]: tokenPairPrice

const customAmounts = {
  [token]: maxAmount,

const handlers = initHandlers(PRIVATE_KEY, customPrices, customAmounts)
const result = handlers.getSignerSideQuote(...)

Custom Pricing Functions

const initHandlers = require('@airswap/maker-kit')

const customPricingFunctions = {
  isTradingPair: function(params) { ... }, // Returns true or false for a given token pair.
  priceBuy: function(params) { ... }, // Returns signerParam: An amount we would send the taker in a buy
  priceSell: function(params) { ... }, // Returns senderParam: An amount the taker will send us in a sell
  getMaxParam: function(params) { ... }, // Returns maxParam: A maximum amount we are willing to buy or sell

const handlers = initHandlers(PRIVATE_KEY, false, false, customPricingFunctions)
const result = handlers.getSignerSideQuote(...)