Deploys Peer contracts for use in the Swap Protocol

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  import airswapPeerFactory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@airswap/peer-factory';



:warning: This package is under active development. Do not use in production.

AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network for Ethereum tokens. This package contains source code and tests for a basic PeerFactory contract that deploys Peer contracts.

:bulb: Note: solidity-coverage does not cooperate with view functions. To run test coverage, remove the view keywords from functions in PeerFactory.sol.

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Command Description
yarn Install dependencies
yarn clean Delete the contract build folder
yarn compile Compile all contracts to build folder
yarn coverage Run solidity-coverage to report test coverage
yarn ganache Run an instance of ganache-cli for tests
yarn hint Run a syntax linter for all Solidity code
yarn lint Run a syntax linter for all JavaScript code
yarn test Run all contract tests in test folder

Running Tests

Run an instance of ganache-cli before running tests.

yarn ganache