Official command line tool for Airtable blocks development

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import airtableBlocksCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@airtable/blocks-cli';


Command line tool for Airtable Blocks development


To install or update the block cli, run:

npm install --global @airtable/blocks-cli


Running the block locally

Go to the block's directory and run:

block run

This will start a local server and serve the bundle over https locally, with a self-signed certificate.

Once the server is started paste the bundle URL into the "Edit block locally" dialog in Airtable.

The block's frame will switch to the local development bundle. It will automatically reload when you update the code locally.

Updating your API key

To block release, you must have a valid Airtable API key configured. Use block set-api-key to update it.

We support user (~/.config/.airtableblocksrc.json) and block (.airtableblocksrc.json within block directory) scoped configs, and prefer the block scoped config if both exist.