e2e-nightwatch plugin for vue-cli

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e2e-nightwatch plugin for vue-cli

Injected Commands

  • vue-cli-service test:e2e

    Run end-to-end tests with Nightwatch.js.


    --url                 run the tests against given url instead of auto-starting dev server
    --config              use custom nightwatch config file (overrides internals)
    --headless            use chrome or firefox in headless mode
    --parallel            enable parallel mode via test workers (only available in chromedriver)
    --use-selenium        use Selenium standalone server instead of chromedriver or geckodriver
    -e, --env             specify comma-delimited browser envs to run in (default: chrome)
    -t, --test            specify a test to run by name
    -f, --filter          glob to filter tests by filename

    Additionally, all Nightwatch CLI options are also supported. E.g.: --verbose, --retries etc.

Project Structure

The following structure will be generated when installing this plugin. There are examples for most testing concepts in Nightwatch available.

  ������ custom-assertions/
  |   ������ elementCount.js
  ������ custom-commands/
  |   ������ customExecute.js
  |   ������ openHomepage.js
  |   ������ openHomepageClass.js
  ������ page-objects/
  |   ������ homepage.js
  ������ specs/
  |   ������ test.js
  |   ������ test-with-pageobjects.js
  ������ globals.js


The main location where tests are located. Can contain sub-folders which can be targeted during the run using the --group argument. More info.


Files located here are loaded automatically by Nightwatch and placed onto the .assert and .verify api namespaces to extend the Nightwatch built-in assertions. See writing custom assertions for details.


Files located here are loaded automatically by Nightwatch and placed onto the main browser api object to extend the built-in Nightwatch commands. See writing custom commands for details.

page objects

Working with page objects is a popular methodology in end-to-end UI testing. Files placed in this folder are automatically loaded onto the .page api namespace, with the name of the file being the name of the page object. See working with page objects section for details.


The external globals file which can hold global properties or hooks. See test globals section.

Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add e2e-nightwatch


We've pre-configured Nightwatch to run with Chrome by default. Firefox is also available via --env firefox. If you wish to run end-to-end tests in additional browsers (e.g. Safari, Microsoft Edge), you will need to add a nightwatch.conf.js or nightwatch.json in your project root to configure additional browsers. The config will be merged into the internal Nightwatch config.

Alternatively, you can completely replace the internal config with a custom config file using the --config option.

Consult Nightwatch docs for configuration options and how to setup browser drivers.

Running Tests

By default, all tests inside the specs folder will be run using Chrome. If you'd like to run end-to-end tests against Chrome (or Firefox) in headless mode, simply pass the --headless argument.

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e

Running a single test

To run a single test supply the filename path. E.g.:

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e tests/e2e/specs/test.js

Skip Dev server auto-start

If the development server is already running and you want to skip starting it automatically, pass the --url argument:

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e --url http://localhost:8080/

Running in Firefox

Support for running tests in Firefox is also available by default. Simply run the following (optionally add --headless to run Firefox in headless mode):

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e --env firefox [--headless]

Running in Firefox and Chrome simultaneously

You can also run the tests simultaneously in both browsers by supplying both test environments separated by a comma (",") - no spaces.

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e --env firefox,chrome [--headless]

Running Tests in Parallel

For a significantly faster test run, you can enable parallel test running when there are several test suites. Concurrency is performed at the file level and is distributed automatically per available CPU core.

For now, this is only available in Chromedriver. Read more about parallel running in the Nightwatch docs.

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e --parallel

Running with Selenium

Since v4, the Selenium standalone server is not included anymore in this plugin and in most cases running with Selenium is not required since Nightwatch v1.0.

It is still possible to use the Selenium server, by following these steps:

1. Install selenium-server NPM package:

$ npm install selenium-server --save-dev

2. Run with --use-selenium cli argument:

$ vue-cli-service test:e2e --use-selenium