typescript plugin for vue-cli

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typescript plugin for vue-cli

Uses TypeScript + ts-loader + fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin for faster off-thread type checking.


TypeScript can be configured via tsconfig.json.

Since 3.0.0-rc.6, typescript is now a peer dependency of this package, so you can use a specific version of TypeScript by updating your project's package.json.

This plugin can be used alongside @fromage/cli-plugin-babel. When used with Babel, this plugin will output ES2015 and delegate the rest to Babel for auto polyfill based on browser targets.

Injected Commands

If opted to use TSLint during project creation, vue-cli-service lint will be injected.


cache-loader is enabled by default and cache is stored in <projectRoot>/node_modules/.cache/ts-loader.


thread-loader is enabled by default when the machine has more than 1 CPU cores. This can be turned off by setting parallel: false in vue.config.js.

Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add @fromage/typescript

Injected webpack-chain Rules

  • config.rule('ts')
  • config.rule('ts').use('ts-loader')
  • config.rule('ts').use('babel-loader') (when used alongside @fromage/cli-plugin-babel)
  • config.rule('ts').use('cache-loader')
  • config.plugin('fork-ts-checker')