>This is the level 2 layer sdk that handles encryption/decryption.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import aitmedCryptoSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aitmed/crypto-sdk';


AiTmed's Encryption/Decryption SDK


These methods were built on top of TweetNaCl.js

import services from '@aitmed/crypto-sdk'

async function callSomeApi() {
  const deat = await services.createUser({
    phone_number: '(555)555-5555',
    password: 'letmein123',
    verification_code: '00000',
    first_name: 'Tom',
    last_name: 'Jones',

  return deat

async function callSomeApi() {
  const deat = await services.createEdge({
    apiVersion: 'v1beta1',
    name: {  phone_number: '(555)555-5555',
    first_name: 'Tom',
    last_name: 'Jones',}
    callBack?: (deat, error)=>{
        return deat


  return deat

Methods Include:

Method Returns Description
.generateAKey() {sk:Uint8Array, pk:Uint8Array} Generates a keyPair for assymetric encryption/decryption
.aKeyCheck(publicKey:Uint8Array,secretKey:Uint8Array) boolean Checks if the keyPair is a valid one
.aKeyEncrypt(secretKey:Uint8Array, data:Uint8Array) Uint8Array Assymetrically encrypts the given data using a secret key from a valid keyPair
.aKeyDecrypt: (publicKey: Uint8Array, encryptedData: Uint8Array) Uint8Array Decrypts the assymetrically encrypted data using the publicKey from a valid keyPair
.generateSKey() Uint8Array Generates a secretKey for symetrical encryption/decryption
.sKeyEncrypt(secretKey: Uint8Array, data: Uint8Array) Uint8Array Symetrically encrypts data using a secretKey
.sKeyDecrypt(secretKey: Uint8Array, encryptedData: Uint8Array) Uint8Array Decrypts the symetrically encrypted data using the secretKey it was encrypted with
.uint8ArrayToBase64(data: Uint8Array) string Encodes Uint8Array value to base64 string
.base64ToUint8Array(data: string) Uint8Array Decodes string value to Uint8Array
.uTF8ToUint8Array(data: string) Uint8Array Decodes string and returns Uint8Array
.uint8ArrayToUTF8(data: Uint8Array) string Encodes Uint8Array or Array of bytes into string
.createUser { status: success, user_id: UUID, token: string,} creates a user
.login { status: success or error} login a user
.createEdge Edge creates an edge
.retrieveEdge Edge retrieves an edge