Parse and render MDX in a runtime environment

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Parse and render MDX in a runtime environment.

:warning: warning: this is not the preferred way to use MDX since it introduces a substantial amount of overhead and dramatically increases bundle sizes. It should also not be used with user input that isn’t sandboxed.



npm i -S @mdx-js/runtime


import React from 'react'
import MDX from '@mdx-js/runtime'

// Provide custom components for markdown elements
const components = {
  h1: props => <h1 style={{ color: 'tomato' }} {...props} />

// Provide custom components that will be referenced as JSX
// in the markdown string
const scope = {
  Demo: props => <h1>This is a demo component</h1>

const mdx = `
# Hello, world!

<Demo />

export default () => (
  <MDX components={components} scope={scope}>{mdx}</MDX>


See contributing.md in mdx-js/mdx for ways to get started.

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