NOTE! v0.4.x - beta. Not production ready. Still needs testing and improvements.

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  import aiwizoReactFileUpload from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aiwizo/react-file-upload';



NOTE! v0.4.x - beta. Not production ready. Still needs testing and improvements.

File upload component for React.


npm install @aiwizo/react-file-upload @aiwizo/application-styles

Basic Usage

import "@aiwizo/application-styles";
import FileUpload from "@aiwizo/react-file-upload";
  // Upload url
  // The callback function is called each
  // time we get a file upload response.
  onUploadResponse={(fileUploadResponse, file) => {
    // Do something with a file upload response or file
  // Amount of parallel file uploads.
  // Defaults to 1.
  // Calls this function with the
  // data returned from the upload request
  // of a file
  onRowClick={(fileResponseData) => {
    // Do something with the data from the file upload response
  // Options for configuring the request made
  // when posting the file to the specified url.
    headers: {},
    body: {
      /* JSON */

Request options


Its possible to set request headers and body through the requestOptions parameter.

If a body is set the content-type header is set to application/json and the file will be converted to a base64 string and passed to the body.file.data field i.e.

// Request body:
  file: {
    data: "...",


Set additional multipart/form-data entries through the requestOptions.form parameter.

The uploaded file will still be set as the entry file.


  form: {
    text: "text",
    value: 3,

Does not yet support nested requestionOptions.form.

Make sure that the peer dependencies in package.json are installed in your application.

Dependency issues

npm install breaks because of storybook. Workaround:

npx sb@latest upgrade && npm install


Please let us know if you have any issues. Put an issue here on github and we'll do our best to solve it.