Link react-native-meteor to redux

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import ajaybhatiaReactNativeMeteorRedux from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ajaybhatia/react-native-meteor-redux';



This package uses redux and redux-persist behind the scenes to maintain offline versions of your meteor data (compatible with react-native-meteor).


npm install @ajaybhatia/react-native-meteor-redux



import MeteorOffline from '@ajaybhatia/react-native-meteor-redux';

// initialize a MeteorOffline instance with options, currently just takes debounce
// Do this at/near the top level of your app
const GroundedMeteor = new MeteorOffline({debounce: 1000});

// Now you can access MeteorStore as a redux store throughout your app.
export {GroundedMeteor};

Using cached collection

import {GroundedMeteor} from '../index';
import Meteor, {createContainer} from '@ajaybhatia/react-native-meteor';

const component = (props) => {
  const {docs} = props;
  return (
        docs.map((doc) => {
          <Text>{doc.title}, </Text>

export createContainer((props) => {
  // MeteorOffline.subscribe takes an extra first parameter, uniqueSubscriptionName
  // The unique name allows you to have multiple subscriptions to the same publication
  // Collections are synchronized based on the uniqueSubscriptionName
  const sub = GroundedMeteor.subscribe('getUsersById', 'users/id', {userIds: [...]}, () => {
  // MeteorOffline.collection works as normal, but we pass the unique subscription name so that behind the scenes it will synchronize your collection
  return {
    docs: GroundedMeteor.collection('docs', 'getUsersById').find({}),
}, component)

Running the example

Execute the following commands:

cd example/RNApp && npm i
cd ../MeteorApp && meteor
cd ../RNApp && react-native run-ios
# or
cd ../RNApp && react-native run-android

If you get .babelrc errors, try running this in the RNApp directory

./node_modules/react-native/packager/packager.sh start --reset-cache