Keep your Protocol CSS modules in sync!

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ajsb85ProtocolSync from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ajsb85/protocol-sync';



Sync Protocol CSS SCSS files installed with npm out of node_modules.

If you use Protocol CSS with Jekyll on GitHub Pages, this is for you:

npx -p @mozilla-protocol/core protocol-sync

And that's it! All of the Protocol CSS source files will be copied to your _sass directory so that you can use them without adding node_modules to your Sass include paths. Then, you can add these files to git instead of node_modules, and your site will build on Pages! :sparkles:


If you plan on updating Protocol CSS regularly, you should add it as a dev dependency with:

npm i -D @ajsb85/protocol-sync

Then, whenever you update your protocol or protocol-* dependencies, you can run it with:

npx protocol-sync


The protocol-sync command line script works like this:

protocol-sync [options] [<output directory>]

  --help, -h      Show help                                            [boolean]
  --version       Show version number                                  [boolean]
  --from                                      [string] [default: "node_modules"]
  --packages, -p                               [string] [default: "@mozilla{,-*}"]
  --files, -f                                             [default: "**/*.scss"]
  --dry-run, -n                                                        [boolean]

For instance:

  • protocol-sync foo will copy all of the Protocol CSS source files from node_modules to a directory named foo in your current working directory.
  • protocol-sync --from ../node_modules src/_sass will tell it to look for your npm modules in ../node_modules and copy them to src/_sass.
  • protocol-sync --files '**/*.md' will copy only Markdown (documentation) files rather than the SCSS sources.
  • protocol-sync --dry-run (or protocol-sync -n) will print the copy operations so you can confirm what will be copied before actually doing it.


MIT © ajsb85