A package of re-usable custom plugins and drupal behaviors.

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<script type="module">
  import ak1raJqueryCollapsible from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ak1ra/jquery-collapsible';



Basic setup

  open: true



settings: {
  debug: true,
  open: true
Option Type Default Info
debug bool false show debug messages eg function calls
trigger selector '.trigger' the trigger selector, must be located inside the init-element
content selector '.content'
triggerClass string 'trigger'
contentClass string 'content'
open bool false default state on init
classPrefix string 'collapsible-'
openClass string 'open'
closeClass string 'close'
indicatorClass string 'indicator'
indicatorParent bool or string false options: 'trigger', 'content' or 'parent'
openText string 'Show details'
closeText string 'Hide details'
calcDelta function function () { return 0; }
activeToggle bool false
animated bool  true whether or not the collapsing should be animated by JS

(public) Functions

Note: status true equals the collapsible is open.


$('.foo').collapsible('toggle'[, false]);
// return status
Function Arguments Return Info
destroy none none Return the markup to the state before the collapsible was initiated.
getStatus none status (bool) Returns the current state of the collapsible.
toggle status (bool) status (bool) Toggle the visibility of the content. The status-argument can be passed to force a state.
update none status (bool)


Event Data Info
adjust-viewport status (bool) will be triggered, if the viewport needed to be adjusted to show the start of the content
create status (bool)
before-create status (bool)
update status (bool)
before-update status (bool)
toggle status (bool)
before-toggle current status (bool), new status (bool)
init status (bool)
destroy status (bool)
before-destroy status (bool)


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