A set of hooks and components to speed up developing craftjs applications.

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craft.js tools

This library contains a set of Material UI components and React hooks in order to speed up development of craft.js editors.



Material UI Viewport

The Viewport Component delivers all needed settings and actions panels for editing a craft.js page. The design is aimed to be minimal obtrusive in order to let you focus on building your page.

Settings Panels

A set of Components, HOCs and hooks has been made available to quickly create settings panels. The library comes with a StyleSettings Component which includes settings for a bunch of CSS style properties.

Currently the following styles are included but most can be created with a few lines of code:

  • animation*
  • background*
  • border*
  • columns*
  • font*
  • all
  • display
  • margin
  • padding

Group / Export Node Action

An action in order to export a selected craft.js node to be reused later is shipped with the code. The grouped node will appear in the ExportedComponentsPanel in the Viewport once it has been exported.


There is currently no set workflow, just open an issue/pull request.