Query objects and arrays safely.

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get :mailbox_with_mail:

A function for safely querying objects and arrays.

Suprisingly useful.


// Start with some data:
var profile = {
  name: 'Aaron',
  features: {
    hair: 'brown',
    weight: 180
  lived: ['Oregon', 'Washington', 'California', 'DC']

// Let's query it!
get(profile, 'name'); // 'Aaron'
get(profile, 'features.hair'); // 'brown'
get(profile, ['features', 'hair']); // 'brown'
get(profile, 'lived.3'); // 'DC'

// Or, get fancy with a function.
get(profile, (target, get) => {
  return {
    name: get(target, 'name'),
    foo: 'bar'
}); // {name: 'Aaron', foo: 'bar'}

// Various unspecified values
get(profile, 'features.shoeSize'); // undefined
get(profile, 'features.just.too.deep'); // undefined
get(profile, 'features.just.too.deep', 'lol'); // 'lol'


get(target, path[, fallback])

A target should be of type object, and not null. Anything else will be immediately returned.

A path can be:

  • A string, with dot notation for nesting;
  • A number;
  • An array, with multiple values for nesting;
  • A function, which will receive (target, get).

Invalid path values are interpreted as an empty path.

A fallback will be returned, if supplied, if the query would have thrown a TypeError (for trying to nest on an undefined value).


1.0.4 - invalid paths return as undefined by default

1.0.3 - null targets now returned, despite being of type "object" (wtf JS?)

1.0.2 - Added fallback argument for invalid paths. Non-object targets now immediately returned.

1.0.1 - Invalid paths now interpreted as an empty path.