package-json without got and semver

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Get metadata of a package from the npm registry


$ npm install package-json


const packageJson = require('package-json');

(async () => {
    console.log(await packageJson('ava'));
    //=> {name: 'ava', ...}

    // Also works with scoped packages
    console.log(await packageJson('@sindresorhus/df'));


packageJson(packageName, options?)


Type: string

Name of the package.


Type: object


Type: string
Default: latest

Package version such as 1.0.0 or a dist tag such as latest.

The version can also be in any format supported by the semver module. For example:

  • 1 - Get the latest 1.x.x
  • 1.2 - Get the latest 1.2.x
  • ^1.2.3 - Get the latest 1.x.x but at least 1.2.3
  • ~1.2.3 - Get the latest 1.2.x but at least 1.2.3

Type: boolean
Default: false

By default, only an abbreviated metadata object is returned for performance reasons. Read more.


Type: boolean
Default: false

Return the main entry containing all versions.


Type: string
Default: Auto-detected

The registry URL is by default inferred from the npm defaults and .npmrc. This is beneficial as package-json and any project using it will work just like npm. This option is only intended for internal tools. You should not use this option in reusable packages. Prefer just using .npmrc whenever possible.


Type: http.Agent | https.Agent | object | false

Overwrite the agent option that is passed down to got. This might be useful to add proxy support.


The error thrown when the given package name cannot be found.


The error thrown when the given package version cannot be found.


Both public and private registries are supported, for both scoped and unscoped packages, as long as the registry uses either bearer tokens or basic authentication.

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