Session management middleware for Akera web service

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  import akeraioWebSession from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@akeraio/web-session';


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Session management module for Akera.io web service.


$ npm install @akeraio/web-session


Quick Start

This module is designed to be loaded as application level service which is usually done by adding a reference to it in services section of application's configuration.

"services": [
          "middleware": "@akeraio/web-session",
          "config": {
              "isolated": true,
              "storeConfig": {
                  "connector": "connect-redis",
                  "host": "",
                  "db": 0

Service options available:

  • isolated: if set to true session data is 'isolated' at broker level, each broker will have it's own session space - default is false, same session data will be available on all brokers
  • storeConfiguration: unless a session store was set in session configuration use this section to define the store to be used for session persistence. The default session memory store is not designed to be used in production, by default memorystore is used:
    • connector: the module providing the session store
    • any connector specific configuration
  • all options available on express-session module with following defaults
    • resave: false
    • saveUninitialized: false
    • unset: 'destroy'