Forward a socket over mqtt topics

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MQTT Port Forwarding

This modules provides a means to forward a tcp socket, over MQTT to another mqtt recipient

It can be integrated into your mqtt iot devices, to allow estabishing a secure ssh connection from your support laptop to a specific remote iot device.

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$ npm install mqtt-port-formward


This package, exports 2 functions to establish the port forwarding.

forwardLocalPortToMqtt - To listen on a specific port, and forward connection requests to a specific mqtt topic

forwardMqttToLocalPort - To accept connection request over mqtt topic, and forward to a specific local port on

API Documentation

The package exports 2 functions

forwardMqttToLocalPort(mqttClient, portNumber, topic, timeoutPeriod = 120000)

Subscribes on the supplied mqttClient object, to the topic pattern <topic>/tunnel/up/+.

When a new connection request is received on this topic, a socket connection is established on portNumber to the localhost. Assumes there is a service ready to accept this connection.

Once connection is establish, data received on topic <topic>/tunnel/up/+ will be sent to the socket, and data sent from the socket will be published to mqtt topic <topic>/tunnel/down/+

If the mqttClient object is closed, then any opened sockets will be closed.

If no traffic is received on the mqtt topic for timeoutPeriod, then all sockets will be closed.

forwardLocalPortToMqtt(mqttClient, portNumber, topic)

Established a local socket listener on portNumber. When connections are established, the connection and data are forward to mqtt topic <topic>/tunnel/down/+

It also uses the supplied mqttClient object to subscribe and listen for messages on topic <topic>/tunnel/up/+ to return back to the local socket.


If you have a device, you wish to be able to establish a ssh connection with, over mqtt, you first need to use forwardMqttToLocalPort. This function will subscribe to a specific topic, and forward connections to a local ssh server running on your device.

This will need to be paried with the forwardLocalPortToMqtt running on another device. This function will establish a service for a specific port, and upon receiving connections/data, forward that to the appropriate device's topic

On your device, you first need a mqtt connection object - you can use the standard mqtt library or if you are using AWS aws-iot-device-sdk-js

Once you have created your mqttClient object, you can then invoke the forwardMqttToLocalPort function

  import {forwardMqttToLocalPort} from 'mqtt-port-forward'

  // Forward requests received on mqtt topic 'mydevicessh/tunnel/down/+'
  forwardMqttToLocalPort(mqttClient, 22, 'mydevice')

Then on the client device (eg: your laptop)

  import {forwardMqttToLocalPort} from 'mqtt-port-forward'

  // Listen on localhost:2222 for connection requests and forward to 'mydevice/tunnel/down/+'
  forwardLocalPortToMqtt(mqttClient, 2222, 'mydevicessh')

You will need to ensure your 2 connections are authorised to send and received on the topics <topic>/tunnel/down/+ and <topic/tunnel/up/+>


MIT © Dean Netherton