Window width based image loading for responsive applications.

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<script type="module">
  import aklumpSmartImages from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aklump/smart-images';


Smart Images

Smart Images


Window width based image loading for responsive applications.

Visit https://aklump.github.io/jquery.smart_images for full demo.

Quick Start

  1. Install with yarn add @aklump/smart-images or npm i @aklump/smart-images
  2. Please open demo/index.html to see this plugin in action. The demo is only available if you download this from GitHub; it is not included in the npm package.


  • jQuery >= 1.4


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Here is an example, the simplest use case, a single breakpoint between mobile and desktop at 768px. Your usage will vary depending upon the number of breakpoints you choose.

  1. Create a mobile image at 767px wide. Note: 1 px less than your breakpoint.

  2. Create a desktop image larger than 767px and wide enough for desktop, e.g. 1075px.

  3. Define the HTML markup:

     <div class="smart-image">
       <span data-si-srcset="mobile.jpg" data-si-media="max-width:767px"></span>
       <span data-si-srcset="desktop.jpg" data-si-media="min-width:768px"></span>
  4. Add the Javascript.

     $('document').ready(function () {
  5. Set your browser width to less than 768 pixels and load your page.

  6. Notice the mobile image has been set in the img tag's src attribute.

  7. Resize to greater than 768 pixels and notice the img tag src changes to desktop.jpg.