Babel preset for config-tester

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<script type="module">
  import akphiBabelPreset from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@akphi/babel-preset';



This preset includes the following presets and plugins:

And with the development option:

React support adds:


const { development, useTypescript, useReact, useBabelRuntime } = opts;


boolean, defaults to false

This toggles behavior specific to development:

  • React support will turn on fast-refresh for files with JSX.


boolean, defaults to false

This toggles support for Typescript. Note that babel does not do type-checking (i.e. it only strips away type annotations and transpile files to Javascript) nor generating type definition files.


boolean, defaults to false

This toggles support for React. Note that we use automatic for runtime option, which auto-import functions from React@17 that helps with transforming JSX.


boolean, defaults to false

When enabled, Babel's injected helper code will be reused to save on bundle size. However, this requires @babel/runtime as a production dependency (since it's for the "runtime").